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Water Conservation Efforts are Quickly Disappearing!


water conservationWhere we Were

As we reflect on the past year, we cannot help but think about the effects of the California drought. We are concerned about the state’s water conservation efforts and what they will entail during the coming year.

An article published by NPR at the end of last year, explains that since the message about water conservation is lessening in strength and frequency, California’s water conservation efforts also seem to be decreasing.

Residents were once forced to reduce their water usage, and as such, were conserving water better than ever. It seems that since we don’t see this message as much anymore, people are forgetting the importance of saving water for the future of their communities.

It’s not Easy

Water conservation is not the easiest of tasks as a homeowner. We realize that it takes creativity, patience, compromise and ingenuity to reduce water usage and water waste inside and outside the home. Without hearing as much about the drought and the status of our water reserves, people aren’t giving this enough thought. As a result, many residents are back to their water wasting habits.

More than 62 percent of California remains in severe to exceptional drought conditions, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor. Our reservoirs are still low, groundwater is still being over-pumped and the mandatory statewide water cutbacks are over.

So what now?

With fewer drought messages, we still need to be vigilant about our environmental responsibility in regards to our water supply. A year ago, when Governor Jerry Brown mandated a 25 percent water cutback, the message was dire and it was clear.

We saw people taking action around the city; less watering of lawns, installation of water saving appliances and water recycling programs were popping up all over. Many residents were also contacting us about our eco-friendly drinking water systems that waste less water than their current reverse osmosis systems.

It is difficult to change bad habits overnight, and it is also difficult to explain the current drought status to everyone each day. The drought is nothing new, so it becomes old news and people don’t pay attention to it after a while.

It is still not too late to make the changes within your household, however. One way to reduce water waste and continue to make eco-friendly and responsible choices when it comes to water waste is to consider one of our home drinking water systems with advanced technology.

Reducing water waste with your water appliances at home is a good start. You can be even more creative with some of your other water conservation efforts as well. Just because we don’t have mandates or messages to tell us to conserve drinking water doesn’t mean we shouldn’t continue to do our part. Together, we can all make a difference for the future of our state.

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