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Traces of Cocaine Found in Ontario Drinking Water

You never really know what you’ll find in drinking water these days, but cocaine? That is not something anyone drinking water contaminationwants to hear. According to an article from CBS News Toronto, a new study says drinking water in parts of southern Ontario contains traces of several illegal drugs — including cocaine. Can you imagine if this were your city or your county? How would you feel? We know one of your first urgent thoughts would be to protect your family and your children from contaminated drinking water and the best protection you could give them would be a home water treatment system with LINX® technology. Our drinking water systems remove harmful contaminants – including illegal drugs such as cocaine – and will provide your household with safe, clean drinking water. We hope you never get news such as this, but we are here to protect you if these should ever happen to you.

How could illegal drugs find their way into drinking water? Researchers at McGill University found water discharged from waste-water treatment plants in the Grand River watershed has the potential to contaminate sources of drinking water with drugs such as morphine, cocaine and oxycodone. The drugs were found in limited quantities in nearby water sources like rivers. It is noted in the study that the drug concentration did not decline with distance downstream from the waste-water treatment plant and says many of the drugs were not removed completely during drinking-water treatment. Isn’t that the job of the water treatment facility, though? If the drugs are removed during the treatment process, what other drinking water contaminants might still be in our drinking water? This is a question for all facilities, not just the one in Ontario.

Sources claim that improving the waste-water treatment processes could help to clean up the water and therefore improve the quality of their drinking water. But this takes time and it takes money and many facilities all around the U.S. are not able to update their treatment process or equipment as needed. Limitations are causing news like this to arise all over. Although our nation does have some of the best drinking water in the world, it is not perfect and neither are water treatment facilities. Water filtration and home drinking water systems seem more important than ever. If it can happen in Ontario, then it can happen here. Illegal drugs like cocaine have no place in our water sources, waste water and especially our drinking water. How will you protect the quality of your tap water if illegal drugs were found in your area’s water? Consider one of our many LINX drinking water systems. Not only are they effective at removing water contaminants, illegal drugs, chemicals or other toxins, but they are good for the environment; our water filters waste up to 90% less water than traditional RO systems. To read the entire article, click here


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