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Toxic Water and You Don’t Even Know It


How angry would you be if you had toxic drinking water and you didn’t even know it?

Well, this could be the case for 4 million Americans right this very second. Does this make you angry? You have every right to be!

feet-619399_1280This is the story of 2-year-old Adam Walton, whose drinking water was poisoning him and he wasn’t given the chance to escape the nightmare. The poison was delivered in the form of his tap water, via 100 year old pipes. You guessed it – lead found its way into his drinking water. It was in his food, in his drinks and in his bath water. His brain development was affected and his parents unfortunately didn’t notice it until this past fall when he turned two. The water supplying their house tested high for lead, but it was already too late for little Adam.

Here’s the most frustrating part.

It was determined that officials at their City Hall knew long before the Waltons did that they had lead contaminated water. Local and state records show that. So did state and federal government regulators, who are paid to make sure drinking water in Texas and across the nation is clean. This poor baby didn’t ask for any of this and certainly doesn’t deserve any of what he has to face now. Even after two years, the city still hasn’t fixed the issue – lead in their drinking water continues to exceed safe levels.

So what happens now?

The Walton’s learned that their tap water contained lead — about 28 times the acceptable federal limit — when a USA TODAY Network reporter told them in early November. They are not alone. Millions of other Americans could be facing the same issue and not even know it. Why? Because their water is supplied by a small utility company. Small utility companies unfortunatley, do NOT have to follow the same safety rules as everyone else. Drinking water enforcement differs from area to area and tiny utilities – those serving only a few thousand people or less – don’t have to treat water to prevent lead contamination until after lead is found! How is this acceptable? It’s really not.

Officials and the local government didn’t protect this child, who could represent millions of other children. Due to the exhorbitant cost of fixing small town water utilites and water infrastructure in these areas, too many water utility companies are underperforming and leaving millions of Americans at risk. An EPA assessment from 2013, estimates infrastructure needs for small water systems will total $64.5 billion over 20 years. There are no loans big enough to cover this. So millions of Americans living with small town water treatment systems are stuck – no chance, no protection.  “What we have is a national joke,” admits one man interviewed in an article on this topic.

What can you do at home?

Protecting your drinking water can be done right at the tap, instead of hoping and praying that one day your region will fix your low quality water. If you need to remove lead in drinking water, consider one of our effective and efficient drinking water filtration systems. Every child deserves the chance to live healthy and drink safe water without the worry of impaired brain development. What a sad story. To read the full article, click here.


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