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Sub-Zero Has Met Its Match

The LINX Drinking Water System and Sub-Zero is a match as cool and classy as Bogart and Bacall. If you have already made the investment to purchase a Sub-Zero refrigerator then it’s evident that you value luxury, quality and state-of-the-art craftsmanship. These high-end refrigerators are simply amazing, but their highly engineered components need to be taken care of properly. One of the most frequently used components in the refrigerator is the ice and water dispenser and unfortunately without proper care they will not work as they were intended.

The Sub-Zero refrigerators come standard with a pretty good water filter, however if you are plumbing unfiltered tap water into your fridge, they tend to clog up rather quickly. Their filters cannot filter out any chlorine, bacteria or naturally-occurring elements such as arsenic or nitrates either, which can be harmful to drink. You will also notice that the ice cubes are cloudy instead of clear when using unfiltered water, which is not very palatable looking. Starting with filtered water is the only way to ensure that the water coming out of your fridge, as well as the water used to make the ice cubes, is as clear, healthy and delicious as possible.

Be careful about how you go about filtering your tap water though. If you are using a reverse osmosis (RO) system you will have great tasting water but the downside is that you can ruin your refrigerator’s ice-making process. The problem with using a RO system is the frequent lack of water pressure running through the water supply lines.

Due to its patented ion-exchange process, the LINX Drinking Water System is able to provide a continuous supply of healthy, great tasting filtered water at the optimum pressure for the Sub-Zero’s icemaker – all the time. Whereas a RO system can take hours to regenerate, the LINX system takes mere minutes and without the insane water waste of an RO. You just can’t get a more perfect match for your Sub-Zero!


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