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Nitrate Contaminated Drinking Water on the Rise in Wisconsin

State data shows that nitrates are contaminating 1 in 5 wells in Wisconsin. That relates to about 90 thousand wells in the area. Nitrates often enter the drinking water through farming runoff. Farmers use fertilizers that contain nitrogen, which in turn, will eventually run down into the groundwater. Many private well owners don’t realize that they need to test their wells themselves. Private wells are not regulated, and are highly susceptible to nitrate contamination.

The only way to know if your private well contains high levels of nitrates, is to have is tested by a certified lab. Other things to consider, are looking at the location of the well. Is it located near farm fields, barnyards septic tanks or even municipal wastewater treatment centers? If so, there is a high likelihood that nitrates are present in your drinking water.

Another thing to consider is if your well has a shallow casing – a shallow well is more apt to be affected. Check out the geology of they area – are there sinkholes or exposed bedrock around? Both can make well more vulnerable to water contamination.

What are nitrates and what harm can they do? Nitrates are compounds made up of nitrogen and oxygen. They are found naturally in plants and vegetables. They are also often found in groundwater depending on the fertilizer and manure applied to crops. Most people consume 10-25 milligrams of nitrates per day in their food.

So, what are safe levels of nitrates? If the nitrate concentration in your drinking water exceeds 10 milligrams per liter standard, you must immediately stop consuming your water.

Serious health issues can arise from drinking water contaminated with high levels of nitrates, such as increased risk of thyroid disease, diabetes, and certain types of cancer. Infants can also become extremely ill with Blue Baby Syndrome. There is also an association between pregnant women and certain birth defects in women exposed to high levels of nitrate in drinking water.

If your drinking water is contaminated with nitrates, it is important to remove them. There are some water filtration systems that remove nitrates to a point, however the LINX Drinking Water System can actually remove nitrates to NON-DETECT levels – which is huge! Give us a call and we can discuss the right water filtration for your own unique water needs.

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