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LINX® Reduces POU Water Waste

There is no doubt that the drought here in California has affected our lives over the last few years. Living through the water wastersdriest years in California history, conserving water however we can and watching our lakes and rivers dry up a little more each day has made all residents eager and willing to do their part in conserving and protecting our water sources. But as you reduce your water use, have you also reduced your water waste? This could be a major solution in helping residents exceed the 20% water usage reduction goal set forth last year by Governor Jerry Brown. You see, according to the EPA, point of use (POU) water waste accounts for billions of dollars worth of wasted water every year. Many of the items we use every day in our homes, and at work, contribute to the annual water waste totals. Showering for example, accounts for 17% of residential indoor water use, adding up to over 14,000 gallons of water per year, for the average family.

Reverse osmosis systems are also guilty of wasting water. In fact, a traditional RO system could actually waste as much as 33 gallons of water for every 1 gallon of drinking water produced! That could be almost 10,000 gallons each year. Here at Pionetics, our LINX® drinking water filters waste up to 90% less water than traditional RO systems and will provide your family with great-tasting, safe drinking water with ease and affordability. This will instantly help your family conserve water that this state desperately needs. Under no circomstances can we continue to waste water and overuse our sources. The visual reminders and lack of water reserves speak for themselves.

Unfortunately, El Niño isn’t as hopeful as we previously thought either. A recent article from Cap Radio states that the U.S. Drought Monitor report released September 3 showed no changes for California or the southwest.  In California, 92 percent of the state is in severe drought, 71 percent is in extreme and 46 percent is in exceptional drought. Plus, they add that the current deficit right now is somewhere around 12 trillion gallons of water. If we can all make better choices like installing a LINX®  drinking water system into our home to save POU water and monitor leaks and other wasteful habits, we can help to alleviate a bit of the pressure we are under. We cannot control the weather, but we can control the amount of water we waste by making better choices in our households.

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