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Is your drinking water free of nitrates?

Nitrate Drinking Water ContaminationWe are lucky to live in a country with some pretty good drinking water, but even some of the water in the rural parts of the United States, farm towns or cities with older infrastructure where their water is treated could use some help ensuring that there are no drinking water contaminants.


No water is ever perfect unless it is in its purest form, and even then it could still pick up minerals or chemicals from the ground. When we take an active and interested role in the state of our drinking water, that’s awesome. However, many Americans don’t ever give a thought to the water coming out of their tap, which is scary.


One huge concern we have here in the United States, especially in rural areas, is nitrate contamination. Today we are going to focus on them and what you need to know. You might be surprised at how many homes are plagued with nitrate contamination.


  • Nitrate is a form of oxygen which is found naturally in soil and groundwater.
  • They get into the ground through human activities such as fertilizer use and manure applications.
  • Widespread use of these applications have increased nitrate concentrations in drinking water to levels well above the EPA’s drinking water standard in many areas.
  • Nitrates can be dangerous in high levels and is considered a contaminant.
  • They can affect a person’s health. Too many nitrates in your body makes it harder for red blood cells to carry oxygen.
  • Infants exposed to high amounts of nitrates may develop “blue baby syndrome,” which can be deadly.
  • Infants may be especially vulnerable if they are fed with formula mixed with well water that has a high nitrate concentration.
  • The maximum contaminant level, or EPA’s drinking water standard, for nitrates is 10 milligrams per liter mg/L, which is the same thing as 10 parts per million ppm.
  • Millions of homes in the US are exposed to nitrate contamination


Anyone can simplify the facts for you, but what you do when confronted with nitrate contamination is what is important. If you’re concerned about your tap water quality or just want to add an additional layer of protection to your drinking water in your home, contact our water treatment company to learn more about our drinking water systems. With superior nitrate removal, you’ll never have to worry about you or your family drinking nitrate contaminated water.

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