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How to Waste Less with LINX®: $Billions Less


water-219733_1280Even with conservation efforts these days, we are still wasting a whole lot of water on a daily basis. Sometimes it is by ignoring leaks, sometimes by letting the faucets run too long, and sometimes, it is with the water-using appliances that we use in our homes. We try to limit the quantity of filtered drinking water we use, but are you limiting the waste water from these water treatment systems? Do you have a reverse osmosis system that is an older model without updated water filtration technology? With LINX® drinking water systems, you can feel better knowing that your home’s water filter wastes less and you can use more water within your home.

Traditional reverse osmosis systems are known to be wasteful and gallons of water are wasted each day in each household through other means, too. According to the EPA, POU water waste accounts for billions of dollars worth of wasted water every year!  For residents seeking more eco-friendly water treatment systems, we have options for you. Reverse osmosis drinking water systems have been the popular choice for water filtration for over five decades. The water waste was more acceptable in the past than it is today; when people go through a drought year after year, it starts to create an awareness and an urgency to limit the water that goes down the drain and cannot be used.

Our High-Efficiency LINX Drinking Water System can provide the benefit of water savings more than any other drinking water system on the market. Independent studies show that a traditional RO filter can waste up to 92% more feed water under normal household conditions when compared to LINX drinking water systems. Technology and this very urgency have changed the way we do things these days. Anyone living in California where the drought has affected your way of life is encouraged to consider one of our drinking water systems. Too many appliances on the market waste water, especially traditional RO systems, but you can make the environmentally-responsible choice with ours. In the process you will help save billions of dollars of wasted water every year!

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