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And the Drought Continues…

At this point in the game, all water conservation ideas and initiatives are being taken seriously by California’s legislative officials and conservation experts. As consumers brace for yet a lengthened period of drought, conserving water in our state has become necessary not just recommended. Through the latest water restrictions to the newest conservation tips, this drought is affecting the daily life of millions of residents who now can see with their own eyes the crisis we are still facing today.

As the drought continues, there are water sources around the area drying up before us. For example, the Guadalupe River in San Jose has now begun to disappear. The river is 14 miles long, but right now, eight miles of the once flowing river is bone-dry due to the drought, reports CBS San Francisco. For the Santa Clara Valley water district, this drought is less than easy for them, while they maintain to survive along with the animals that live in this habitat. Maintaining the habitat and the groundwater in the area has become almost impossible according to one source.

Residents are saddened to see water drying up around them. It changes the way of life for all of us. Outdoor water recreation activities have come to a halt in some areas, fish and wildlife have list their homes and residents are fearful that they will have to live without a water source, reserve or maybe even at some point access to their groundwater at all.  Without having to resort to the expense of buying only bottled water which isn’t always safer than tap water to begin with, residents and officials are aware of some serious and not-so-serious yet creative ways to reduce water usage and conserve what water they have left. The first starts with following the water restrictions that the Governor has put in place within the last few months and the second is to make wise decisions about how to conserve within the walls of our homes.

Many residents in California enjoy filtered water, so choosing a drinking water system that reduces water waste like ours is a great start. Our water filters reduce water waste by up to 90% when compared to traditional reverse osmosis systems and support the vital quest for water conservation during times of a drought which seems to have no end and no ease any time soon. Contact our water treatment company today to learn more about our eco-friendly and water-conserving drinking water systems.


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